Welcome new Pure Family Members!

We are blessed by your talents, know-how and foremost extraordinary personalities! So grateful to have you on board and to work on a better future together.

Dr. Thea Mi Weiß will take over the position as Breeder at Puregene AG. Thea completed her PhD in Plant Breeding at the University of Hohenheim in Germany. She will support the Puregene team in the planning and execution of breeding activities for the effective development of elite breeding material. Thea will also be instrumental in the development and selection of new varieties.

Evelyne Zürcher is our new Head of Commercialization and Scientific Affairs for Puregene. She will also work closely with the breeding, genetics, trait discovery and bioinformatics teams to translate our research into customer solutions. Evelyne has a PhD and post-doctorate in biology and has most recently worked for many years as Research and Innovation Lead and Creative Director.

Francesco Sorrentino will support the Puregene team as our new Research Assistant – Trait & Molecular Genetics. His responsibilities will include the validation, execution and documentation of genetic experiments and genomics projects. In addition, he will work closely with the breeding team and support them in the implementation and maintenance of their data. Francesco has a Master’s degree in Plant, Food, Agro-Environmental Biotechnology from the University of Milan and has most recently worked as a Biomedical Analyst.

Welcome, Cyrill Gassler, our new gardener in the Puregene team. Cyrill brings extensive experience as a gardener and has already worked in the cannabis industry for the last two years. His tasks at Puregene include propagating, planting, watering and caring for our cannabis plants. He will also monitor and ensure the health of our plants.

We are delighted to introduce Julien Colombet as our new plant pathologist. Julien graduated with a Bachelor of Honor on Plant Science and Production from Rennes University and has worked as a scientist and laboratory technician for academic institutions and industrial companies. He will be our pathogen expert, developing and evaluating pathogen testing for Puregene.

They are already fully immersed ??? in the phenomenal cannabis plant.