Trait Licensing

Gain access to our trait portfolio – License Puregene’s protected traits.

Puregene Cannabis - Trait Licensing

Cannabis breeding is gaining traction to the breeding advances of other crops. Puregene’s scientists are dedicated to developing proprietary traits that matter, like disease resistance or the re-definition of plant architecture. Puregene is in the course of establishing a trait catalog with over 150 IP protected traits to choose from. Breeders and other industries can license our traits, cross them into their varieties and profit from the continuous progress.

Despite any challenges or needs breeders may face, Puregene develops the trait to meet those needs. Mold resistance, a cannabinoid or a combination of terpenes and flavonoids in the flower can be selected and subject to the development. Furthermore, any traits absent from the database, can be evaluated. Chosen traits are then rapidly and accurately discovered and assigned to the genome – complete and ready for your breeding or production cycle.

Potential for a pharmaceutical company:

Cannflavin, a novel compound started surfacing in our research. Cannflavin has been said to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect – possibly 30 times stronger than Aspirin. The possibilities this ingredient has for patients is immense; completely produced naturally.

Puregene’s Trait Discovery department developed a strategy to breed a high-yielding, stable and healthy plants with high levels of cannflavin. The proprietary Breeding Pipeline within Puregene guarantees the implementation.

  1. We identify the traits controlling the molecule of interest.
  2. We deliver a trait-stabilized variety.
  3. We guarantee complete IP protection.
  4. You integrate it in your breeding or R&D cycle.

With these four simple steps we will reduce the uncertainty for discovery, so you can concentrate on your core expertise.