Our Technologies

Breeding 3.0: Puregene’s unparallelled data-driven variety assembly platform




Puregene has the most sophisticated molecular breeding program on cannabis in the world. Our technologies utilize cannabis to create hundreds of different materials we need from carbon in the air, rather than oil in the ground. These include everything from life-changing medicines, to sustainable animal feed, to fuel and CO₂ negative housing construction materials. Ensuring we provide economically viable alternatives to ground-based resources while enabling partners to meet their ESG and SDG goals.

Essentially, cannabis and hemp’s ability to grow from the arctic circle to the tropics is simultaneously one of its biggest challenges and its biggest strength. To date, global breeding programs have only existed in a few small locations, and current elite varieties are not broadly adapted to multiple climate zones or latitudes. By analyzing and deconstructing genetically diverse material in diverse environments we can rapidly select and incorporate highly beneficial environmental response traits into future varieties.

With predictive breeding, classic variety development is flipped on its head. Diverse material is tested directly where it will be produced by partners. Classic breeding methods are limited by the data they incorporate and rely on multiple rounds of selection at a single breeding site before perfected varieties go out for stakeholder trialing. With this strategy, variety performance is dialed into multiple environments in parallel to variety development, which puts you years ahead of the classic breeding cycle - fast. Ultimately, the realization of breeding advances translates into more real-time benefits for producers and stakeholders.

Our technologies

Puregene’s Data Driven Trait Discovery

Cannabis’ most detailed and thorough trait discovery program worldwide with years and fields of data.