Tailored Varieties

Create the exact plant you want with selected traits. Puregene’s technology allows the performance of single trait introgressions into a variety, all the way to building a new stable variety from scratch, based on your particular needs.

Tailored Varieties

Why Create Your Own Variety?

With the Pure Trait Discovery program you can create your own personalized variety – tailored to your own needs – without the use of GMO’s or CRISPR. Varieties can be created from a wide selection of previously identified traits, leveraging both Puregene’s germplasm collection as well as its genomic and trait database. Select from an ever-expanding trait list to meet your requirements for cannabinoids and terpene content, productivity, agronomy, growth pattern, resistances, and many others.

Trait Discovery

Cannabis breeding is gaining traction to the breeding advances of other crops. Puregene's scientists are dedicated to developing proprietary traits that matter, like disease resistance or the re-definition of plant architecture. Puregene is in the course of establishing a trait catalog with over 400 traits functionalized and waiting to improve your plants. Breeders and other industries can license our traits, cross them into their varieties and profit from the continuous progress. The proprietary Breeding Pipeline within Puregene guarantees the implementation.
  • We identify the traits on the genome.
  • We deliver a trait-stabilized variety.
  • We guarantee complete IP protection.
  • You integrate it in your breeding or R&D cycle.
  • With these four simple steps we will reduce the uncertainty for discovery, so you can concentrate on your core expertise.

Greater Variety Leads to Greater Success

Cannabinoid varins, those comprising of a C3 rather than a C5 side chain, are prized by both the retail and pharmaceutical industries, due to their unique interactions in the human body and effects. CBGV, CBDV, and THCV are all included in this group and have, to date, received varied amount of attention from pharmacologists. Puregene has mapped the varin trait and is now enriching its varieties in CBDV, CBGV and THCV.