Tailor-made Varieties

Create the exact plant you want with selected traits. Puregene’s technology allows the performance of single trait introgressions into a variety, all the way to building a new stable variety from scratch.

Puregene Cannabis - Tailored Varieties

All traits discovered through the Pure Trait Discovery program can be combined into a single plant according to specific needs. Create your own personalized variety – tailored to your own needs – without the use of GMO’s or CRISPR. Varieties can be created from a wide selection of previously identified traits, leveraging both Puregene’s germplasm collection as well as its genomic and trait database. Select from an ever-expanding trait list to meet your requirements for your bespoke variety. Traits to choose from: Cannabinoids and terpene content, productivity, growth pattern, resistances, and many others.

Potential for a producer:

Botrytis resistance, a trait many producers have a strong need for. This trait included in a variety will reduce the risk of yield loss and provide the opportunity for producers to plan accurately.

Puregene’s Trait Discovery department provides trait introgressions of any single trait, all the way to building a new stable variety from scratch.
The proprietary Breeding Pipeline within Puregene guarantees the implementation.

  1. We identify the traits on the genome.
  2. We deliver a trait-stabilized variety.
  3. We guarantee complete IP protection.
  4. You integrate it in your breeding or R&D cycle.

With these four simple steps we will reduce the uncertainty for discovery, so you can concentrate on your core expertise.