Puregene Stories

Puregene has and continues to pave the way for the future of cannabis – bringing its full potential to fruition in numerous ways. Keep track of true progress on a global scale.

ECO Business report on SRF

The research team of the Swiss company Puregene analyzes thousands of cannabis plants, sequences their ...

Explaining Puregene AG

Taking you through a visual explanation of how we use our technology platform.

Welcome Cannabis! You are becoming a remedy.

The National Council has amended the law, facilitating the medical use of cannabis.

«This experiment will accelerate our breeding program far beyond anything else in the world»

Dr. Gavin George is the Lead Technology Manager at Puregene AG. We took the chance ...

«It is going to be a new playground for our ambitious team»

Dr. Michael Ruckle, director of plant sciences at Puregene AG, is taking us to the ...

Puregene’s Data Driven Trait Discovery

Introducing Puregene's data collection process for high-throughput phenotyping on our field with more than 20'000 ...

Interview mit Stevens Senn zur potenziellen Einstufung von CBD als Betäubungsmittel

Bei einer Neu-Einstufung von CBD als Betäubungsmittel seitens EU, werden die Konsumenten die Verlierer sein

Welcome to the team Dr. Philipp Rösler

Dr. Philipp Rösler became a new member of our Board of Directors on August 7th, ...

Parlament für PilotprojekteGrünes Licht für Cannabis-Versuche: Bund lässt bereits Hanfsorten testen

Der Ständerat erlaubt als Zweitrat Versuche mit einer legalisierten staatlichen Cannabis-Abgabe. Der Hanf soll beispielsweise ...