Michael Ruckle

Michael Ruckle

Dr. Michael Ruckle

  • Cofounder and Chief Science Officer

Dr. Ruckle is a cofounder of Puregene AG and the Director of Plant Science. Dr. Ruckle leads and coordinates the strategy of the company’s research and development capabilities across predictive breeding, genomics, trait discovery, product development, and big data. Under his management the next generation genomics-based breeding program results in the rapid development of new varieties with novel properties important for the chemical properties and productivity of cannabis and hemp. Working between technology and the business strategy teams, he ensures that the varied research projects under his direction remain targeted towards an intellectual property portfolio that aligns with a product driven pipeline.

Dr. Ruckle contributes to international academic collaborators of Puregene AG on research projects. Before joining Pure Holdings, Dr. Ruckle was a lead Postdoctoral Scientist in Molecular Plant Breeding at ETH Zurich. Dr. Ruckle received his Doctoral degree from Michigan State University in Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The previous positions of Dr. Ruckle include:

  • World Food System Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular Breeding of sustainable grassland agriculture
  • MSU Plant Science Fellow, Graduate Student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a research focus on cellular signaling regulating chloroplast biogenesis