Germany has just decided to decriminalize cannabis including social clubs in 2023 and is preparing controlled trial projects (“Modellversuche”) in late 2023.

Switzerland’s pioneering cannabis company is already providing the entire cannabis value chain from cutting edge molecular plant breeding to delivering Europe’s very first THC cannabis pilot project.

In 2011, the Narcotics Act was amended, allowing cannabis with a THC content of up to 1% to be legally cultivated. Pure Holding AG took advantage of this opportunity and started to produce cannabis and provide the population with access to this long forbidden plant. The increasing demand from other European countries led to the foundation of Pure Europe GmbH to ensure distribution throughout Europe.

Puregene AG was founded to integrate new genetics into the production process and to reveal the valuable, still hidden potential of the cannabis plant, able to disrupt many industries beyond cannabinoids.

Pure Pharma AG is to supply the Swiss market with medical cannabis products and ensure that the best possible quality is made available to consumers.

Pure Production AG is also the first official producer of THC in Europe and already serves two pilot projects in Basel and Zurich, Switzerland.

Through the expertise of its two subsidiaries Blackstrom and Greenlee, Pure Holding AG has a broad range of skills in the cannabis industry. Blackstrom specializes in the extraction, processing and product development of innovative cannabis products, while Greenlee has a strong position in the European wholesale cannabis flower market.

These strategic advantages will allow Pure Holding AG to further expand its presence in the domestic and European markets, and to take full advantage of emerging industry.

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