Press Release: 21. Apr. 2022

Puregene AG announces Letter of Intent with Goldcann to ensure top quality CBD in Mexico.

Toronto, ON, April 21st, 2022 – Puregene AG, a world leading, next-generation Swiss plant breeding company is pleased to announce that it has signed a Letter of Intent with Goldcann, Mexico’s leading provider of CBD wellness products.

“Mexico is one of the most exciting potential cannabis wellness marketplaces in the world, however it is also one of the most difficult to be successful in”, said Jeanette Vandermarel, CEO of Goldcann. “Anticipated maximum levels of THC will ensure that anyone wishing to build a strong business in Mexico will need the best genetics and plant breeding program available – that’s why we chose Puregene AG”, added Vandermarel.

Through it’s superior AI-driven program, Puregene AG will create specific CBD-heavy strains for Goldcann that will fall within a mutually agreed range of cannabinoid content. “To maximise value, producers must ensure that cannabis grown is both what the consumer expects, while also legally compliant in terms of THC levels. Puregene AG’s system is the only one in the world that offers our clients the science-driven precision to achieve this on a sustainable level.”, said Dr Gavin George, CEO of Puregene.

Utilizing their expertise, Puregene AG, contingent upon all necessary regulatory approvals, will:

  • Work with Goldcann to provide the requisite science-based research results and information to regulators to support 1) the application for cultivation and 2) regulatory approvals.
  • Provide their varieties, and data-driven technologies to Goldcann so they avoid the pitfalls of poor, unproven genetics that stalled the launch of the US hemp market.
  • Work with the Goldcann cultivation team to source, select and monitor Goldcann-specific cannabis strains that will fall below any and all maximum thresholds, established by the government of Estados-Unidos Mexicanos.
  • Work with Goldcann to maximize cannabinoid biomass production and value using Puregene’s proprietary trait catalog and applied key traits such as true-hybrids, tetraploids, high water efficiency, low nitrogen use, and flowering time.
  • Provide ongoing real-time monitoring platform, to implement genomic prediction into Goldcann’s on-site production system, whilst connecting to Puregene’s data center in Switzerland.

In 2021 the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled 8-3 that the current restrictions on adult cannabis use were unconstitutional. While legislation has not yet been introduced, senate leader Olga Sánchez Cordero Dávila said, at the conclusion of the last legislative session that “We will work to approve the initiatives that we have presented in matters of cannabis regulation.”

“With Mexico looking to potentially move forward on a legal cannabis framework, we wanted to establish the best foundation point possible to advance speedily, based on the regulatory environment. We’re confident that Puregene AG’s genetic and plant breeding program is that foundation”, said Vandermarel.