Puregene Quality

Quality is more than a commitment - It’s in our DNA. Our shared philosophy combines quality assurance and the meticulous monitoring of plant health. Puregene has implemented industry gold standard phytosanitary protocols to keep its plants healthy and to ensure highest product standards through its quality control system.

Analytics Laboratory

The Pure Group maintains an analytics platform with a top of the line infrastructure, constantly validated in accordance to GLP guidelines.

Our High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) and Gas Chromotrography (GC) platforms have been optimized for extreme accuracy as well as high throughput. Together these allow for the perfect quantification of all major cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant.

The laboratory fulfills the dual task of providing the Quality Control framework for Pure Production AG, monitoring cannabinoid levels within the production line and end products, and to support Puregene AG in its research and breeding goals.

Heading up Pure’s analytics department is Dr. Martina Zanella (PhD in Plant Biochemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

Virus and viroid indexing

As part of its molecular diagnostics Puregene analyses its clones and seeds to make sure its licensed products leave the facility without carrying (hidden) viruses or viroids. Our detection assay uses viral sequences from the public domain for viruses that have been isolated from cannabis. Using its in-house sequencing platform, Puregene regularly runs its virus and viroid assay on its stock and varieties to ensure the absence of pathogens.
The virus and viroid assay has been designed by compiling sequence data into multiple sequence alignments. The designed assay was compared to our Super-Pangenome of cannabis to minimize off-target amplifications. We work with RT-PCR and confirm the accuracy of the results consulting the control melt curve. This cross-validated assay currently detects 10 viruses and viroids.

Phytosanitary requirements

Puregene guarantees to comply with national phytosanitary regulations. For this purpose, all our licensing material, i.e. clones, in-vitro cuttings and seeds are phytosanitary certified, and are accompanied by a valid plant passport. Our international shipments outside of Europe include a phytosanitary certificate.

We gladly clarify whether additional tests are necessary in cooperation with every clients national authorities.

Clean Seed and Clones program

Puregene follows strict phytosanitary protocols in all its facilities to ensure clean environments during any type of plant work. The foundation of our breeding program is our vast germplasm collection. It is meticulously maintained and taken care of. During all breeding and research steps, strict phytosanitary measures are implemented.

Lastly, our sterile in vitro method is the go-to technology for cleaning plants of pathogens, and every plant targeted for licensing goes through tissue culture before leaving Puregene’s facility.

Quality of Seeded Varieties

Combining genomic-based state-of-the-art technologies, diligence and common sense, Puregene ensures fields cultivated with our feminized seeds are free of male plants.