Pure Campus

The transformation from "Hanfhof" to Pure Campus.

Pure Campus

Pure Advancement At The Core

When the three founders of Pure Production AG took over a former nursery in 2016 and successfully transformed it into a cannabis farm, no-one could have imagined the incredible evolution that would follow. The “Cannabis Experience Farm” (Hanfhof) was the first public space in Switzerland where the population could inform itself about the wonderful cannabis plant and gain first-hand experiences. The aim was to reduce prejudices by giving visitors access to the cannabis plant with approximately 100 educational information boards, over 10’000 plants to touch and smell and a cannabis maze. Over 100 guided tours per year were conducted for companies, associations, interest groups and private individuals. Unparalleled progress resulted in Pure Holding AG holding five THC exemptions from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG); an exceptional permit for “cultivation of THC cannabis under the rules of organic farming”; an exceptional permit to conduct research with THC in Zeiningen until 2025; an exceptional permit for THC analysis and an import permit for THC seeds from all over the world; and an exceptional permit to supply UniSante – Lausanne with THC flowers and E-liquids. These five exemptions demanded a strictly secured research area in Zeiningen and the former “Hanfhof” was converted into today’s Pure Campus.