Puregene Network

As a biotech breeding company, we are establishing a worldwide network of R&D, trialing, propagation and distribution partners. Our breeding program brings out traits and varieties for all environments.

Our Network

The Greater The Data, The Greater The Success

In less than three years, Puregene has established a fully operational next-generation breeding Pipeline. This pipeline is supported by the extensive research and development network with academic and industry partners. At the core of Puregene’s research pipeline lies the world’s most complete source of genetic information from cannabis, Puregene’s Super-pangenome. Our genetics, biotechnology and data science experts analyze and characterize this genetic data to understand traits like cannabinoid composition, pathogen and climate resistance, aroma, flowering duration, and productivity. Holding one of the largest legal THC variety collections, we now also harness the breeding potential of high-THC varieties to ever-improve the cannabis and hemp plant. Our functional understanding of these genes, enable the design of new varieties to improve and expand the genetic offer in the cannabis marketplace rapidly. We work with partners in Switzerland and globally to employ our cannabis research in support of the changing legal and health frameworks surrounding medical and recreational cannabis, to positively contribute to sustainability, to solve industrial challenges, and to educate the public, industry, and government on the potential of cannabis.

If you are interested in joining our network, please send us a message and we will get in touch. Contact info@puregene.com.