Our Team

Puregene is fortunate. This team of highly intelligent, educated and experienced individuals is our backbone. With extraordinary expertise in biochemistry, plant breeding, biotechnology and bioinformatics all aspects for continuing research excellence are perfectly reflected.

Our Team

Unparalleled Expertise Combine to Create Immeasurable Success

Puregene’s team of highly intelligent, educated and experienced scientists are responsible for our extraordinary expertise in biochemistry, plant breeding, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Together, we are paving the way for all things cannabis-related and remain committed to our mission to advance the potential of cannabis for the betterment of all:

  • AGRICULTURE – stable, predictable, reliable and revolutionary development and design
  • PEOPLE – promoting greater health and wellbeing in a compromised world, by providing cannabinoid varieties that are safe, tested and pathogen-free
  • PLANET – ensuring a sustainable future, by constantly developing greener alternatives, to preserve our precious resources

Dr. Gavin George

  • Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Michael Ruckle

  • Cofounder and Chief Science Officer

Dr. Daniel Carrera

  • Head of Genomics Research

Dr. Leron Katsir

  • Head of Intellectual Property

Maximilian Vogt

  • Head of Plant Breeding

Daniela Müller

  • Human Resources & Admin Officer

Renato Auer

  • Chief Communications Officer

Marc Sahli

  • Chief Financial Officer

Christelle Sherman

  • Research and Operations Manager for Africa

Lino Cereghetti

  • Chief Operations Officer

Luca Cereghetti

  • Strategic Assistant to the CEO

Michele Wyler

  • Head Bioinformatics and Machine Learning

Dr. Julian Koschmieder

  • Head of Analytics R&D and QC

Dr. Claudio Cropano

  • Head of Trait Discovery and Molecular Genetics

Dr. Marc W Schmid

  • Strategic Bioinformatics Platform Development

Eduard Bruderer

  • Laboratory Manager
Philip Weiand

Philip Weiand

  • Horticultural Expert
Lars Krowarsch

Lars Krowarsch

  • Crop Specialist Cannabis

Mercedes Thieme

  • Lead Novel Trait Development
  • PhD Candidate

Janine Meyer

  • Scientific Associate Analytics

Lee-Gavin Williams

  • Next Generation Sequencing Technician
Alen Osmanbasic

Alen Osmanbasic

  • Laboratory Technician
Carles Quesada Traver

Carles Quesada Traver

  • PhD Candidate - EU Horizon
Dario Tobler

Dario Tobler

  • Master Grower
Lukasz Florczyk

Lukasz Florczyk

  • Research Gardener