Our Company

Puregene has deciphered the complete DNA of the cannabis species. This collective knowledge is the foundation of our research and development pipeline for cannabis. It is also the prerequisite in order to lead innovation of the most sophisticated new cannabis varieties worldwide. Puregene breeds progress!

Puregene AG

Puregene is a genomics-based biotech plant breeding company that combines Swiss quality as well as cannabis expertise with state-of-the-art breeding technologies. We are determined to revolutionize cannabis breeding and to access its full potential, by including science-based, state-of-the-art research, as is the case with major crops, such as soy, corn, rice and wheat.

In less than two years, Puregene has established a fully operational next-generation breeding pipeline. This pipeline is supported by the extensive research and development network with academic and industry partners.

At the core of Puregene’s research pipeline lies the world’s most complete source of genetic information from cannabis, Puregene’s Super-pangenome. Our genetics, biotechnology as well as data science experts analyze and characterize this genetic data to understand traits like cannabinoid composition, pathogen and climate resistance, aroma, flowering duration, and productivity. With a functional understanding of these genes, we design new varieties to improve and expand the genetic offer in the cannabis marketplace rapidly.

More recently, Puregene has been granted a major THC-Permit to conduct research on all possible germplasms opening up the fields to R&D on all cannabis and hemp varieties. Holding one of the largest legal THC variety collections, we now also harness the breeding potential of high-THC varieties to ever-improve the cannabis and hemp plant.

Investing into the future of cannabis

Puregene has brought the best talent on board, deploys the latest biotech breeding technologies and techniques, holds a host of unique permits to work with cannabis and has all R&D departments efficiently combined under one roof. We are committed to improve cannabis genetics in the long-term for a positive future of this industry, innovating and developing what customers need and want.

Experience and partnerships

We have recruited the best and brightest minds in the industry working from molecular genetics, biochemistry and plant breeding. Puregene’s best-in-class experts have long curricula in their fields and honed their skill sets on numbers of agricultural crops, before joining Puregene to apply the latest findings to cannabis.

Our synergies from strong partnerships are unique and have helped us advance this fast; Puregene has built long-lasting partnerships with a broad range of academic institutions and businesses to propel knowledge and experience exchange, and foster our international activity to raise awareness for the plant (Network).

Puregene is embedded in the Pure Holding company as the research subsidiary of Europe’s leading cannabis company (Pure Holding AG).


Through an extensive interaction with the Swiss government, Puregene is proud to announce it holds Europe’s first industrial scale THC R&D special authorization allowing full breeding and research capabilities with high-THC plants. Our work revolves around identifying valuable traits from the most diverse possible genepool and working with those traits in our breeding pipeline. We are thus able to capture the complete diversity of hemp and cannabis to improve low-THC plants.

A second obtained special authorization facilitates open field cultivation of THC-genotypes to assess outdoor performance before introducing the best candidates into the breeding pipeline.

The third authorization permits our analytical department to work with the THC standards to measure the extended THC-spectrum of the cannabinoids fully compliant with the narcotic laws.

Additionally, Puregene is authorized to import cannabis seeds with rich-THC content from all over the world.

Swiss Advantage

Switzerland is renowned for its quality and attention to detail. The Swiss philosophy is at the heart of every cross, selection and experiment we carry out. Moreover, Switzerland has one of the most mature hemp markets in the world. The “Swiss Hemp Bill of 2011” was a visionary move that facilitated legal investments and innovation into the hemp industry before any other country in the world. For this reason Switzerland's innovation, knowledge, genetics, and technologies in the cannabis field are growing at a rapid pace. The fact that it's placed in a stable and reliable legal system is ultimately progressing it with the most liberal cannabis laws.

In addition, Switzerland is one of the driving forces of innovation on the world market. Being located in close vicinity to some of the most prestigious biotech and technical universities, continuously attracts international top-in-class talent.