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Puregene Cannabis - Novel Varieties

Puregene develops varieties, best suited for market demands, utilizing proprietary DNA-based breeding technologies. By stacking relevant traits, Puregene combines proven characteristics in its varieties. Ultimately each cross and field trial performed is progressing cannabis. Puregene’s novel varieties are unique genetics and exhibit predictable characteristics, maximizing production potential and minimizing risk.

Potential for a pharmaceutical company:

Cannabinoid varins, those comprising of a C3 rather than a C5 side chain, are prized by both the retail and pharmaceutical industries, due to their unique interactions in the human body and effects. CBGV, CBDV, and THCV are all included in this group and have, to date, received varied amount of attention from pharmacologists. Puregene has mapped the varin trait and is now enriching its varieties in CBDV, CBGV and THCV.

Puregene’s Trait Discovery department developed a strategy to breed high-yielding, stable and healthy plants with high levels of cannabinoid varin traits. The proprietary Breeding Pipeline within Puregene guarantees the implementation.

  1. We identify the traits on the genome.
  2. We deliver a trait-stabilized variety.
  3. We guarantee complete IP protection.
  4. You integrate it in your breeding or R&D cycle.

With these four simple steps we will reduce the uncertainty for discovery, so you can concentrate on your core expertise.