Life Science Review: TOP 10 genomics solution providers?

We are proud to be selected as one of the TOP 10 genomics solution providers 2022 by Life Science.

Hemp will lead the new Bioeconomy and Puregene is farming the future with trait-based cannabis.

True sustainability will demand more from agriculture for the production of food, manufactured goods and green energy. Hemp has been held back for a century, but now Puregene is harnessing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive the digitalisation of plant breeding to unlock the potential of this incredible plant.The medical cannabis industrie relies in THC varieties which are stable, safe, traceable and ready for scale production.  Medicine must be predictable and reliable. Cannabis flowers must therefore consistently produce well understood active components. Puregenes advances the science of cannabis with DNA-driven breeding for effective study, treatment and care.

Dr. Gavin George – CEO Puregene: “To develop products using cannabis, today’s businesses demand stability in its harvesting. This is made possible with our molecular breeding processes, transforming the plant’s global landscape and boosting economies everywhere.”

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