Variety Development Program

Puregene digitally tracks the DNA and performance of every offspring. Its advanced algorithms predict which plants will perform the best. The process of breeding a new variety is reduced to months, rather than years simply by understanding the DNA. We use real-time field performance of our genetics to ensure our clients will always have the better iterations of their favorite variety. Every season.

Puregene AG continuously innovates, ensuring that new traits and solutions are constantly supplied to the cannabis industry. This innovation means that Puregene’s current varieties are annually improved for better cannabinoid yield, harvest-time, and pathogen resistance. Genetic diversity identified through our “Pure Trait Discovery” technology facilitates the production of proprietary traits. However generating unique strains requires more than just knowledge of where the traits are located.

Pure Trait Generator Technology

“Pure Trait Generator” is based on a combination of classic and modern breeding technologies. It assembles our proprietary genetic variants into functional and novel traits. These traits can then be combined using the same technology to develop novel elite strains in a non- GMO manner. The result is a precisely enhanced product with your required qualities, thus improving your value chain.

Our proprietary technology combines genetics, develops novel patented traits, and assembles them into our elite lines. Our molecular biologists are then able to use their knowledge of gene expression and protein function to naturally create small mutations in well-defined varieties, thus expanding the range of available novel traits.

Pure Selector Technology

“Pure Selector” is our advanced chemotyping and phenotyping platform. It compiles new varieties using the “Pure Trait Generator” to ensure not only the display of the compiled traits but also including the most sought-after production qualities.

  • Massive numbers of plants are screened per selection round
  • Selection occurs in different production environments
  • Rapid multi-round selection
  • Digital phenotyping
  • Proprietary biochemical analysis to measure flavonoid, terpenoid, and cannabinoid profiles