Trait Discovery Program

Puregene uses its Pure Trait Discovery technology to understand the science that gives cannabis its unique chemotypes and phenotypes. Understanding the diversity in genes and genomic regions controlling a trait is critical to modern plant breeding, and the future improvement of cannabis genetic resources. In comparison to traditional breeding and random combinations of rare genetic variants, Puregene uses its “Pure Trait Discovery” to leverage the massive data generated by “Pure Genomics”. Furthermore our “Pure Core Genetics” population investigates the diversity locked within the cannabis genome. The causal genetic variants identified by “Pure Trait Discovery “can then be quickly and reliably deployed into the “Pure Trait Generator” of our “Pure Fast Track” breeding cycle.

The genetic knowledge is key to get from market valued traits like novel cannabinoids, to field relevant traits like botrytis resistance. Puregene’s // Pure Trait Discovery research and development pipeline unlocks the secrets hidden in the DNA. These hidden secrets are behind every one of cannabis’ valued traits. Puregene scientists work tirelessly to ensure only the best traits make it into our elite varieties of cannabis. That way producers can be confident of their crop’s performance.