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We are a family growing together. Trust as a team and in every individual that joins our cause. Offering continuous and diverse opportunities for professionals and graduates. We nurture our employee relationships as much as we do our plants, enabling everyone to grow and benefit.

May 2022
Puregene AG

Breeder; 100% (f/m/d)

  • Design and execute breeding activities for an effective collaborative development of elite breeding material of Cannabis sativa.
  • Develop and select new varieties for targeted market segments and product profiles.
  • Identify, obtain, maintain and develop appropriate germplasm to sustain specific breeding programs.
  • In association with multidisciplinary scientist & staff, and partners, develop modern population improvement and testing strategies.
  • Co-ordinate the development of a stage-wise multi-environment or target-environment product performance testing strategy, data analysis and advancement process
  • Ensure cost effective breeding operations, and standard operating procedures that deliver agreed quality and performance indicators.
  • Ensure proper execution of breeding methodologies.
  • Develop strong partnerships with national and international breeding programs to collaboratively identify critical germplasm, product needs and define complementary breeding objectives.
  • Contribute the development of research proposals.

Mar 2022
Puregene AG

Research Assistant Trait Discovery & Molecular Genetics

  • Assist with trait discovery and pre-breeding activities including phenotyping, data collection, data curation and documentation of field and greenhouse experiments. 
  • Work closely with the breeding team and other departments to facilitate the implementation of marker-assisted selection programs. 
  • Implement, maintain and curate a breeding and pre-breeding database. 
  • Continuous self-study of key technical advances in plant phenotyping, breeding and genetics. 
  • Prepare data packages and detailed experimental and technical reports to communicate the progress of your work. 

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Daniela Müller

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