Puregene combines extensive cannabis experience with state-of-the-art research, driving new variety and cannabinoid development.

Our Mission

Breeding Progress

We are committed to improve cannabis genetics in the long-term for a positive future of this industry, innovating and developing what customers need and want.

Product groups

Puregene provides fast-track development of varieties and traits to cannabis and hemp breeders and producers of all industries.

Trait Licensing

By “trait licensing” our clients gain access to our trait portfolio and have the possibility to license Puregene's protected traits, which includes licenses to our IP rights such as minor cannabinoid traits.

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Tailor-made Varieties

Puregenes "Tailor-made varieties" lets breeders and producers of all industries design the exact plant they want with the individual traits they need. Our technology enables us to perform single trait introgressions into a variety, all the way to building a new stable variety from start to finish.

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Our Varieties collection lets industry participants choose their favorite variety from our “Elite Variety” catalogue. These can then be cultivated or multiplied via clones or seeds. The chosen variety can then be sold under a respective brand.

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