Puregene takes the guesswork out of cannabis cultivation. With so much untapped potential, there will always be more to discover in this plant. Yet, by combining state-of-the art research, with our extensive cannabis experience, we can drive new variety development, tailoring yields to your specific needs.

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About Us


Transformative, comprehensive research enables us to inspire a new cannabis landscape, to:

Trait Licensing

To avoid a scenario where your amazing idea, that you have poured your money, time, and life into, is stolen or copied, we have invested extensively into legal protection of our traits and varieties.

Tailored Varieties

Create the exact plant you want with selected traits. Puregene’s technology allows the performance of single trait introgressions into a variety, all the way to building a new stable variety from scratch, based on your particular needs.


The trait diversity of the cannabis species is unprecedented. Through our research, based on meticulously collected data and its evaluation, we initiate necessary change and continue to open new doors to new markets.


Hemp has the potential to disrupt some of the largest global industries and Puregene is on track to harness its full potential through technology.

Our Products – Custom Varieties


Puregene’s offerings are a world first in new variety and cannabinoid development, for the advancement of human and environmental sustainability. By partnering with us, you can benefit from Puregene’s unique technology pipeline that harnesses the predictive power of plant genomics for applications related to most major industries. This technology pipeline uses computational biology and machine learning to predict and assemble traits, and custom “tailor” elite varieties and traits for the global cannabis and hemp market. Because of the countless ways in which these can be applied to ensure significant advancement in industries not considered before, we have most likely already perfected possibilities you haven’t imagined yet.


Partner for Progress

Our promises guarantee unprecedented value.


Puregene genetics have consistently higher yields, meaning larger revenues.


As Switzerland’s top cannabis company, clients are assured that all varieties are field and market-tested and follow the highest Swiss standards.


Our varieties are tailored according to our client's needs to be compliant with their regulations.


Due to greater resistances to pests and diseases our client‘s production will be secured from disaster.


Our holistic development pipeline of novel cannabinoids and terpenes, guarantees the highest value product.