Our Company

At the core of Puregene's research and development pipeline lies the creation of the required knowledge of cannabis' DNA. Deciphering the full DNA of cannabis is the prerequisite to lead innovation of the most sophisticated new cannabis varieties worldwide. Puregene breeds progress!

Investing into the future of cannabis

Puregene was the result of a joint academic project based on molecular breeding between Pure Holding AG and the ETH-Zürich, Europe‘s highest ranking research university. As Pure Holding AG grew into the largest cannabis producer in Europe, it was clear that in the rapidly changing cannabis market new genetics had to be continuously integrated. As a vertically integrated company that innovates at the forefront of low-THC cannabis breeding, cultivation, processing, extraction, pharmaceutical formulations and international sales, Pure Holding AG made the decision in 2018, to incorporate Puregene AG under its umbrella and invest substantial sums into the research and development of cannabis.

In less than two years, Puregene has established an extensive research network with academic and industry partners. Puregene has assembled the best and brightest minds from molecular genetics, crop breeding, biochemistry, and agriculture-technology industries to drive its next-generation breeding program.